The multi-award-winning system is based on a technology protected by a utility model: A focusable light head. This is turned from a solid piece of aluminium. It ensures that the heat generated by the LED is dissipated and that the light head does not get too hot. The adjustability of the light cone is unique: it can be varied - in the twinkling of an eye - from 25 to 100 degrees. athene® is available in a variety of designs and different colours.

Athene TL3

Ours ATHENE Table lamp has a focusable light head. The beam angle can be infinitely adjusted from 40 – 90° by turning the light shade by means of glass lens optics. The flex shaft can be flexibly adjusted to any position. It sits on a standpipe and is optionally covered with a coloured textile. The tube ends in a solid aluminium base and can be tilted by 10°. The brightness of the LED is controlled by a push-button dimmer on the table base. The transparent 230V supply cable has a Euro plug.


Designer and managing director Kai Steffens always follows his idealism and intuition. This results in the guiding principle that the design of less'n'more is measured by its functionality and refrains from immersing itself in the market segment as conformistly as possible. However, aesthetics are by no means secondary, but it is almost self-evident from the way we think about our products.

Athene TL3

Athene TL3

Basic Variants

[myshortcode model="PL5" color="copper" bulb="E27-opal-3-5w-200lm" label="Base-01"]
[myshortcode model="PL-24" color="white" bulbs="E27-stripe-mirrored" label="Base-02"]

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Additional information


Tactile dimmer, Casambi

Colour head / base

Aluminium, black silk matt, white silk matt

Flex colour

Aluminium, Textile anthracite, Textile blue, Textile brown, Textile green, Textile red, Textile black, Textile white