Living! Design 2/2012

The Rhineland luminaire manufacturer has committed itself to the use of LED light sources. "They were a must from the very beginning. They fully correspond to our zeitgeist and the growing need and awareness of the environment, sustainability and efficiency," explains Kai Steffens, who founded the company in 2002 together with designer Christian Dinow. The products are in the tradition of classic industrial design and embody the principle "form follows function". The best example is the grooves on the light heads, which are also a design element but primarily serve to dissipate heat. Interaction between product and user is particularly desirable, as shown by the "athene" ceiling lamp and the corresponding floor-standing version. They can be shaped as the user wishes, making the object unique, regardless of whether the user likes it simple, classic or unusual. In this way, the two people from Cologne have succeeded in developing functional and handcrafted high-quality luminaires with a great deal of ambition, competence and attention to detail.