UNPLUGGED - HAPPY WITHOUT CABLES - Mobile light to take along. Without annoying tangled cables and mains plugs. With its new UNPLUGGED series, the design manufacturer Less'n'more ( is launching four battery-operated floor lamps Ylux and Athene that make exactly this possible: Light everywhere, even where there is no power connection.

Thanks to the integrated battery pack, the LED luminaires follow their users wherever they go. And thus create a new dimension of light freedom - even beyond your own four walls. The wireless luminaires reliably provide excellent light for between six and 30 hours, depending on the selected brightness. The light intensity is continuously controlled via a touch dimmer. If the lithium-ion battery is empty, it can be recharged quickly and easily in just two hours via the power socket at home. The times when a luminaire had to be permanently connected to the mains are thus over. "What counts nowadays is mobility and flexibility. Whether it's reading time on the terrace or time out in nature - if possible, we don't want to do without anything. And of course not without perfect light," says Kai Steffens, head designer at Less'n'more. Whether for reading or simply relaxing: With a luminous intensity of 600 lumens and a colour temperature of 2,700 Kelvin, the luminaires provide atmospheric and accentuating light at the same time. Of course, the new UNPLUGGED series, like all luminaires from Less'n'more, can be focused.

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