Light 9/2013

Pure headache: In addition to the LED luminaire families "zeus" and "athene", each of which has won renowned awards, the design and luminaire manufacturer less'n'more has now developed another luminaire programme. For the new "Ylux" system, designer Kai Steffens has developed a completely new light head made of aluminium. An integrated joint allows it to be rotated in any direction and swivelled 115º to the right and left. The light emission can be focussed at a beam angle of 40º to 100º by means of a patented focussing system. The luminaires are switched on and off as well as dimmed via a rotary control on the luminaire head. The "Ylux" family consists of a variety of different models. With their colour design in white, black and aluminium, each in matt and glossy, they adapt to any ambience. The following versions are available: floor and twin floor luminaire, ceiling luminaire, wall/ceiling luminaire, pendant luminaire, ceiling luminaire and ceiling spotlight in a track as well as floor spotlight and surface-mounted luminaire. The free-standing and ceiling luminaire versions are equipped with an extendable telescopic rod. Smooth-running and stable ball joints made of aluminium position the luminaire - safely and without any visible springs or levers. For all luminaires with floor, wall or ceiling plates, Kai Steffens uses the material concrete. The base is available in different colours. Floor and ceiling lamps have a leather hand strap below the lamp head as a functional and stylistic element. Furthermore, colour filters are offered, by means of which the most diverse lighting moods can be created.