Cologne, Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg

are just a few of the cities on the StadtLesenTour - "Reading pleasure in the open air with free admission" - Our UNPLUGGED lights athene and Bookowski will be there.

Immerse yourself in pages and pages of reading pleasure: for the eleventh time, StadtLesen transforms Central Europe's most beautiful city squares into cosy reading oases. More than 3000 books from all genres and comfortable reading furniture are available for browsing. With free admission, under the open sky...

Authors, in their function as bibliophile highlights, set the mood for four days of reading pleasure. StadtLesen is unspectacularly spectacular, unobtrusively penetrating. Visitors have time to read, to fantasise and, thanks to our UNPLUGGED lights, can continue reading after dark. You can find the calendar under the organiser's link.

StadtLesen is touring European cities for the eleventh summer. 241 cities were nominated for StadtLesen's visit in 2019. From these, the Innovation Workshop nominated 28 anniversary StadtLesen cities, which the Innovation Workshop will provide with 1296 reading hours on a total of 108 StadtLesen days.

After ten years, StadtLesen will have brought reading pleasure to 209 cities on a total of 836 days. More than 10 million people will have come into contact with the cultural technique of reading in StadtLesens cities - for approximately 10,032 hours. And the journey continues in 2019...

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