Highlight 9/2013

WITH A LOT OF LOVE FOR DETAILS: Even with the first designs, Less'n'more focused on simple, intuitive adjustability of the light cone. With the new luminaires of the Ylux system, this line is consistently continued and expanded with an additional ball-and-socket joint.less'n'more, the Rhineland-based design and luminaire manufacturer, offers with its flexible LED system Ylux a concept with various floor, ceiling and wall luminaires as well as ceiling spots. It can be used multifunctionally and is therefore just as suitable for lighting design as it is for use in the private sector. The light cone is infinitely adjustable from 40º to 100º without tools - in addition, the luminaire head can be rotated and pivoted by means of 3-D ball joints. For the new system, designer Kai Steffens has developed a completely new light head made of aluminium. The beam angle can be focused using the patented focus system. An integrated joint allows it to be rotated in any direction and swivelled 115º to the right and left. The solid aluminium optimally dissipates the heat generated by the LED. The luminaire can be switched on and off and dimmed by means of a rotary control on the head. The floor and ceiling versions are equipped with an extendable telescopic rod. Smooth-running yet stable ball joints made of aluminium position the luminaire - safely and without visible springs or levers. The alignment of the light cone is thus extremely flexible.
The Ylux family consists of a variety of different models, in white, black and aluminium, each in matt and glossy. The variants offered are free-standing luminaire, double free-standing luminaire, ceiling luminaire, wall-ceiling luminaire, pendant luminaire, ceiling luminaire and ceiling spotlight in a track as well as floor spotlight and surface-mounted luminaire. With a light output of up to 1 575 lumens and the variable light cone, both spot and wide-area illumination is possible. Kai Steffens uses concrete for all luminaires with floor, wall or ceiling plates. The base is available in different colours. Floor and ceiling lamps have a hand strap made of decorative leather as a functional and stylistic element. Furthermore, various colour filters are offered.