Exact 5/2013

Mobile reading furniture - design from the Rhine: original product ideas on the theme of "light and reading" with a lot of wit and charm are presented by the Rhenish manufacturer Less'n'more. The creative Cologne-based company Lessnmore has come up with a new, young product series on the theme of "Light and Reading" that tries to convince with a lot of wit, charm and, above all, originality: "Bookworm", "Reading cart" and "Mobile battery-operated reading lamp" are the names of the three new products. All lamps and furniture are completely made in Germany and designed in a clear and aesthetic style. In line with the philosophy "Less is more", Less'n'more stands for highest quality, modern technology, reduced design and attention to detail. The new products therefore feature particularly high-quality materials, such as fine oak wood, stainless steel and grey mottled, dense wool felt. Chief designer Kai Steffens: "We are always on the lookout for new product concepts into which we can incorporate our ideas and philosophies. The further development of our LED luminaires into products on the theme of 'light and reading' is a particular concern for us."