230 volts: A small LED revolution

For almost 130 years, the light bulb was in the limelight - for a few years now, LEDs have been the new stars of lighting. With a lot of love and enthusiasm, we at less'n'more are constantly working to advance technological development. With our luminaire series - Fypsand Mimix- we have taken a big step forward. Both families are equipped with replaceable 230-volt LEDs that do not require an extra intermediate power supply unit.

We at less'n'more simply call this simplified use of LEDs "easy to use" - not only because the application is child's play, but also because it makes life simple overall. Here is a brief summary of the most important advantages:

Simple use:

5-core cables and separate dimmers are a thing of the past - the luminaires can be easily connected and used with conventional switches and dimmers.

Lowered price level:

Despite being handmade - made in Germany - the luminaires can be produced more cheaply. This is an important step towards our concept of "democratic design", because we at less'n'more believe that good design should be available to as many people as possible.

Fewer service cases:

In future, a failure of the luminaire due to a defective power supply unit will be a thing of the past. This not only pleases the users, but also the environment.

One thing should be noted, however: 230-volt LEDs are constantly exposed to high voltage. To prevent overvoltage from damaging or even destroying the LEDs, all luminaires from less'n'more are equipped with our overvoltage protection module. This is not yet a legal requirement in Germany, but for us it is a matter of safety.

So we haven't reinvented light, BUT we will play a decisive role in making LED luminaires even easier to use.