Top Hotel 11/2013

Let there be light - in the twinkling of an eye. "Ylux" is the name of the new LED lighting system by the design and lighting manufacturer less'n'more. The aluminium light head developed by designer Kai Steffens can be rotated in any direction and swivelled 115 degrees to the right and left via an integrated 3-D ball joint. The luminaire can be switched on and off and dimmed by means of a control dial attached to the head. With a light output of up to 1575 lumens and an infinitely variable light cone of 40 to 100 degrees, the light head enables both spot and wide-area illumination. The models of the "Ylux" series are available in the colours white, black and aluminium matt or glossy. The company offers many different versions, for example floor or ceiling luminaires as well as pendant luminaires and floor spotlights. To be able to create different lighting moods, the company also has various colour filters available.