The bookworm convinces right away with its originality and uniqueness. Because the shapely book cover made of grey mottled wool felt with integrated LED light is more than just a mobile reading light.

When bookworms go on a trip, they need light on the way: The beautiful book cover made of grey mottled wool felt with an integrated LED light can be taken anywhere - a real bookworm for real bookworms, that is. With its glowing head, the worm proudly sticks out of books measuring 23 cm x 19 cm and can be turned and bent in any direction. But he also likes to make himself comfortable at the bedside or create a cheerful atmosphere as a light object on the bookshelf.

The powerful LED lamp with its flexible, colour-selectable shaft and the power supply unit disappear without a fuss inside the handy book case for transport. This also gladly accommodates personal items such as love letters, notes and pens. Perfect for true bookworms who want to dive into their own world while reading.