Perfect light on 360 degrees

Ylux® recessed ceiling spotlight - focusable, swivelling, rotatable

Presented for the first time as a prototype at the last Light&Building - now ready for series production, its 3D kinematics in combination with our unique focus system ensures maximum mobility. Ylux is available as a recessed spotlight in a total of 3 colour versions and can also be equipped with 3 selectable light colours. Thanks to its ingenious focussing system, the razor-sharp light cone can be adjusted continuously from 40 to 100 degrees without tools and in no time at all. And if a softer light cone is desired, this can be achieved by means of an easy-to-supplement satinised lens. Dichromatic colour filters are also available for the recessed spotlight.

- focusable, swivelling (50°), rotatable (160°)
- light cone 100% usable (does not shine into the collar)
- colour temperature: 2,700 / 3,000 / 4,000 K
- max system wattage: 23 W
- max luminous flux: 1.575 lm
- beam angle: 40 - 100°
- colour rendering index: 90 CRI
- efficiency class: A
- high-power LED replaceable
- colours: white matt; black matt; aluminium polished
- optionally with satinised lens or colour filter