Luminaire of the Year 2014

We are very pleased that, after 2010, one of our creations, Ylux , was once again able to hold its own "in the concert of the greats". The Luminaire of the Year competition is held annually on the internet. Twelve luminaires competed against each other in a voting phase. The winners were determined by YOUR VOTE. As the jury, the public decides which three luminaires reach the home stretch to the finals and are awarded prizes at the end in the Kaiserhaus Arnsberg. The Lichtforum NRW has been an event partner since 2009 and will in future give the competition a permanent address in a permanent exhibition. All the winning luminaires will find a virtual home on the web and will be presented to the public all year round. And even if it wasn't enough for a place on the podium this time, we are still pleased to have achieved a respectable 4th place in the "concert of the greats".