Highlight 9/2012

Appropriate presentation: After a high-quality trade fair presentation, impressive catalogue material and a suitably designed website, there is another big challenge for the luminaire manufacturer: how do I present luminaires at the point of sale? Less'n'more now provides retailers with a complete presentation system to show the collection in its entirety. Retailers are basically faced with the dilemma of organising the optimal use of the available, usually expensive space. There should not be too many, but also not too few, the customer needs orientation and at the same time must get an idea of the lighting effect. A lot of tasks, in other words. In order to give their luminaires an adequate presentation framework in this context, the designers from Less'n'more have developed a new, variable display system made of oiled oak wood and black felt, which is now being used, for example, at Lichtland in Essen. The high-quality display system also visualises the manufactory's motto "Less is more". Based on the warm materials wood and felt, the system offers the possibility to show the luminaire families Athene, Zeus and Narcissus.
For retailers, it is advantageous that the display system can be adapted to the conditions in the respective shop. The display is variable in the way it is set up and in its size. It can be mounted on the wall or back-to-back. A pull-out drawer element, which is also available separately, presents the possible colour combinations of the luminaires by means of exemplary covered shafts and supply cables. This means that a large number of luminaires can be displayed on a small surface area. The system is available in different units and variants and was already successfully presented at Light & Building 2012. Lichtland in Essen is an upmarket, design-oriented specialist lighting retailer that also carries out lighting planning. Via the Less'n'more displays, private customers as well as contract furnishings can now be presented with the appropriate luminaire in a high-quality manner.