DETAIL 7/8 2014

Creativity made in Cologne-With their passion for LED technology, the two industrial and communication designers Kai Steffens and Christian Dinow went into business for themselves in 2002 and founded the lighting manufactory less'n'more. Since then, they have been developing and producing highly functional and design-oriented LED lighting objects for the home and contract sector. The name of their company is also the programme for the products. With great attention to detail, they derive the design of each individual luminaire from its function, such as the grooves on the luminaire head of "Athene" - they serve to optimally
dissipate heat from the LED, but at the same time are the design-defining element of the multi-award-winning luminaire. The real highlight of the less'n'more luminaires, however, is
the patent-protected, focusable light head - with a slight turning movement, the light cone can be adjusted from 25 to 100 degrees. And the two creative minds never seem to run out of
ideas, so that around the few basic luminaires based on a modular model, new variants
and possible uses are constantly being created.