3&50 exclusive 4/2014

Less is LED: For a long time, they were looked down upon and were considered cold and uncomfortable. LED lamps have not had it easy. But the lighting industry is changing. There is a real chance for LED to be loved. One company that has long had a great affinity for LED light sources is the Rhineland lighting manufacturer less'n'more. There, just outside Cologne, highly functional and design-oriented LED lighting objects and systems are developed and produced - according to the philosophy: less is more. The Ylux® recessed ceiling spotlight is brand new on the market this autumn. As elegant as all the other luminaires in the Ylux® family, it has maximum flexibility thanks to its 3D kinematics and in combination with the less'n'more focus system. For optimal lighting conditions, the razor-sharp light cone can be continuously adjusted from 40 to 100 degrees without any tools. And if it needs to be a little softer, an easy-to-supplement satin lens is inserted. And you have a beautiful, soft light. But the recessed spotlight also has a lot to offer in terms of colour. It is available in three colour versions - white, black and aluminium, each in matt and glossy - and can be equipped with three selectable light colours. Atmospheric LED.

Less'n'more was founded in 2002 by Kai Steffens. Only two years later, the industrial designer received the Design Plus Award for his LED lighting concept zeus . A promising start for his plan to develop exclusively design-oriented luminaires based on LED technology. Why LED? "LED as a light source was a must for us from the very beginning. It fully corresponds to our zeitgeist and the growing need for and awareness of the environment, sustainability and efficiency," explains Kai Steffens, who has been managing less'n'more together with Christian Dinow since 2008. The Cologne-based team is one of the first product designers to have made LED light sources attractive for residential and commercial applications and thus put them into an aesthetic context.

The LED lighting system athene was a resounding success. athene is based on a patented, focusable light head and has received several awards: Red Dot Design Award 2010; Luminaire of the Year 2012, 2nd place; Nomination Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011. The light head is turned from a solid piece of aluminium, through which the heat generated by the LED is dissipated. The light cone can be varied from 25 to 100 degrees by a slight turning movement. athene is complemented by zeus. This system is ideal for all applications that require less light. zeus is no less functional due to the integrated focus system.

And for those who always want to carry their light with them, less'n'more has developed a mobile LED reading lamp. The "bookworm" calls a book cover made of grey mottled wool lz in a stainless steel frame home.
There, the powerful lamp with its flexible, colour-selectable shaft and plug-in power supply disappears without a murmur and still leaves room for personal items such as jewellery or pens. The "bookworm" weighs just under 500 grams and finds its place not only on the bedside table but on every shelf. A small light in a big way.

Less'n'more works in the historic rolling mill in Pulheim. You can find out more about the company and its products at www.less-n-more.com.